3 Small Ways To Help Small Businesses Right Now!

Updated: May 13, 2020

With the spread of the Covid 19 all around the world, its impact has been affecting all sides of the economy with the closing of so many businesses all around. Actually, small businesses have been hit hard by this pandemic and according to CNN, "A record number of Americans filed for their first week of unemployment benefits last week, as businesses shut down to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Initial jobless claims soared to a seasonally adjusted 3.28 million in the week ended March 21, according to the Department of Labor. That is the highest number of initial jobless claims in history, since the Department of Labor started tracking the data in 1967. The previous high was 695,000 claims filed in the week ending October 2, 1982." (Click the link for more information)

From that number, small businesses are losing almost everything, so how can we help them? Here are three small ways as a customer and active participant of your community economy to help small businesses continue to keep running:

  • Shop In Your Local Businesses Online. Most local businesses have online accesses where you can still shop their goods and services. These businesses still need to sell their products and by shopping online, you will help your local businesses to continue to keep their online doors open to customers and keep their businesses afloat.

  • Order Take Out From Your Favorites Local Restaurants. Most restaurants all around have closed their doors in the effort to help stop the spread of the pandemic. By doing it so, it also affected their businesses but the good news is they are still open online so don't hesitate to help your favorites restaurants by ordering takeouts from them and enjoy their food.

  • Raise Awareness In Your Community. Take the time to promote your favorites local businesses to your friends and families. Promote their businesses on your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Blogs and so on.

In these hard times, let's not forget that we are in this together and we should support each other as much as we can. Small efforts to help the person or a business next to you are big efforts for them, never forget it.

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