2020 Summer Essentials

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Guys we are getting into the summer and whew it is hot outside! I am not totally complaining because I do not like the winter, I am a summer baby and we don't have cold back in Ivory Coast so summer is my jam!

However when we get into the summer, y'all know how hard it can be to maintain your whole body in check and when I say that I am talking about staying hydrated, maintaining your skin in check, your hair, avoid heat reactions on your face, sweating, what to wear in this heat and so on. The last goes on! For this reason, I think that you definitely need to have 5 Must Have Items (from beauty, skincare, hair care, clothes and shoes) you need to add into your collection for the summer and it will definitely help.

Beauty Essential:

One beauty essential to have for the summer is the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray thirsty skin relief. This spray is the best spray to have for this summer. Easy to use before and after your makeup, it will help refresh your make up stay on for the whole day especially during this heat. It is also very good to use it right after your skincare routine too. It will appease your skin and relieves your pores. Shop below!

Skincare Essential:

When it come to skincare, it is very important to get the best products that will fit your skin and make everything better. Since we are in the summer season and the sun is hitting on hard on our our skin (especially your face), you gotta make sure to protect it. For this reason, using a sunscreen is definitely a must and one of my favorites one is the Tula Protect + Glow (Probiotics & Superfood). This sunscreen is made with Pineapple, papaya (which helps promote even skin tone) and wild butterfly ginger root (protects against blue light stress). Shop below!

Clothing Essential:

When it comes to clothing essentials during the summer time, you have such wide options on what to wear but one must have clothing essential to have is Off The Shoulders Dresses. I mean, off the shoulders dresses are one the summer season fashion signature and everybody needs to get one at least! Very comfy, stylish, easy to wear and made for the summer! Here are some of my favorites websites to shop cute off the shoulders dresses. Shop below!

Shoes Essential:

When it comes to shoes for the summer season, we are definitely talking about open toes sandals and they are for the win. From high heels, to mules and dad sandals. They are definitely the ones to have during this summer season. Here are some of my favorites websites to shop open toes sandals for the summer. Shop below!

If you want to get more check out my ShopStyle Collective Link.