4 Ways To Remain Positive This Week

Updated: Mar 29

Getting into a new week can be quite stressful for so many reasons, (school, work, activities) and so much more. Actually, when the week starts many things can happen where we couldn't control the outcomes of these unexpected situations and for this reason we tend to feel some type of way. If you're somebody who likes to have everything under control finding yourself into unexpected situation can be very quite upsetting and sometimes disrupt your whole mood of the week. However, even though we are upset we also need to get to the point to understand that we cannot control everything and we need to try to stay positive. Here are 4 ways to help you navigate this week while staying positive.

Be patient with yourself.

Anything you planned for this week is as straightforward as it can be and sometimes we do feel the pressure to achieve everything listed for the week. However, you need to be patient with yourself. Pace yourself into being able to accept every situation you might find yourself into. Be patient with yourself, you are doing great.

Give yourself an anchor to focus on.

When things might not be or look like the way you want and when negativity tries to take on during this week, think about your happy place, something that will make you feel happy or relax or looking forward to do (Friday night Netflix and chill, Thursday Wine happy hour, read your favorite book...) in order to get things going without pining on too much on the subject that upsets you in the first place.

Keep working on yourself.

You are human just like everybody else and has the right to not control everything. However, this doesn't mean you have to give up when things seems different, keep working on yourself, give yourself some time to reach each goal you planned on achieving and and Be patient with yourself.

Trust the process.

At the end of the day, you gotta trust the process. Being blessed to wake up everyday is already a big task to achieve, so when things sometimes don't go out of your way, after being upset, get back to think positive, believe in you, and trust the process. If it doesn't happen today it will happen tomorrow.

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