4 Ways To Remain Positive When Things Don't Go Your Way.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Life can be a b** sometimes. Yes I said it, and you can definitely agree with me on that part. As a person who loves to plan out her whole life to the T when things don't go my way in the slightest, I usually get either very sad or mad and sometimes I do feel like giving up. We all have goals and needs we want to reach in life but sometimes along the way, life is showing us that things won't go as planned or it might take longer than expected to reach these goals.

I am first to share with you the amount of incertitude I have been having lately (if not everyday) as a content creator and blogger. I have been asking myself questions such as: if I should continue down this path, or should I just give up? Am I ever going to be able to reach out to a wider audience, inspire more women of color to live the life they want? and so much more. I find myself doubting so much that it can feel unbearable sometimes. However, letting myself go all the way and giving up is something that it is in me and I had to understand that life never works according to me but it doesn't mean that I can't keep myself from getting to where I want to be and to get there, remaining positive is the only outlet I have to control. For this reason, here are four ways to help you remain positive when things don't get your way and also these ways are here to help you understand how life is so unpredictable but you can still make out of it successfully if you put your mind at it.

  • Be patient with yourself. Anything we plan in life never come right away like as expected (sometimes it does but not all the time) so we need to be patient especially with ourselves because things sometimes take time and maybe it wasn't the right time to achieve whatever goal you had in mind.

  • Give yourself an anchor to focus on. By that I mean that whenever goals you have in mind you want to achieve, you should give yourself an image of what it would look when achieving this goal. To be more specific, for me as a lifestyle blogger who has the goal of empowering women of color, my anchor image is seeing myself one day sitting in a panel as a guest speaker alongside phenomenal other women of color in front of a big audience sharing my personal story, what I have to to thru to be where I am and sharing the gems of what it takes to be a successful lifestyle blogger. This image gives me an intense feeling just by thinking of the fact that one day I could be in this situation where a whole audience will be here for me because they want to be inspired by my words. This is the anchor image I give myself every time I am this close to giving up. So whatever goals you have, give yourself an anchor image which will help keep on going when times are getting harder.

  • Keep working on yourself. No matter what life throws at you and make you feel like you might never achieve your goal, never stop working on yourself. You might feel disappointed for a moment which is understandable but don't let this fear or sadness get the better of you and let you fall off the wagon and abandon your work. Keep on working on yourself, you will get there.

  • Trust the process. At the end of the day, you gotta trust the process. I always tell myself God didn't put me in this world to be mediocre, to not be able to reach out whatever goals I want to achieve. I have a successful path waiting for me, I only have to trust the process, focus on the work I am doing, keep working, keep on having the same energy and things will come in my way when the time is right.

I know that things don't come easily and it can be very hard to stay positive no matter the words of affirmations we are telling ourselves. However, if you know deep down that you deserve to achieve whatever goal you put your mind into it, then after feeling sorry for yourself you gotta also tell yourself that you cannot let this goal slips through your fingers.You gotta put in the work and you will get there no matter the time it will take because you deserve it and you know you can make it to the end. So get at it and remain positive.

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