5 Hacks To Stay Productive While Working From Home!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Working from home can look easy from afar but it can also be a struggle for a lot of people. Actually, the though of working can does look comfortable when thinking about waking up anytime you want, work at the hours you want and the best of all you to do all that in your pajamas. However, it can also appear as a real struggle too on so many levels where you might end up spending some days not working because laziness or procrastination is taking over. This is a very dangerous zone to get into because you can just fall into this hole and not being productive at all. So how can we manage our day at home in order to stay productive as much as we can? For this, I am sharing with you 5 hacks to help you stay productive while working from home:

  • Designate A Space As Your Personal Office! If you do not have an extra room in your apartment, find a space in you living room so set up your office even if you have to use a part of your dining room as your office space, do it! It is important to avoid as much as you can working on your bed all day because you might feel very lazy to stay up to the task and not be productive the way you would like to. (Check out the post on the 5 Steps To Organize Your Office Space!)

  • Manage Your Time! Make sure to schedule your work time while staying at home by creating a small timesheet recording your work time for each day and don't forget to adjust it in a way that it can fit your everyday schedule.

  • Take A Break! Yes it is very important to take a break once in a while and the perks of working at home is that you can take as many breaks as you want (but don't over exaggerate too). Take your time to move around the house, go to the balcony or outside your home to take a breath of fresh air, put your mind at ease, relax and enjoy a moment of peace by relaxing your mind and put all the work stress asides for a moment.

  • Get Dressed Up To Work At Home! Yes, it is time to change your pajamas and get all dressed up to go sit in your office home! Get to make your work at home fun by making your work environment just like you were on the field. Also, by being all dressed up it might push you to be more productive in your work!

  • Add Some Fun Into Your Work! One of the perks of working at home is that you have control of your environment and you can do whatever you want such as putting on some music for inspiration or the television on whenever you want it!

Take the time to enjoy your work while staying home and the fact that you have control over everything from the comfort of your home is one of the greatest perks. Make sure to create a fun environment for your work in order to stay productive and one last thing, it is ok to have days when you are not feeling productive at all and you just want to stay in bed. If you need a day off, take it! Get your mind and body in sync and relaxed the way you need in order to get back to work fully refreshed and prepared!

On a last note, I will be sharing with you guys my favorites books to read while staying quarantined and stay inspired! In the meantime don't forget to check out my latest blog posts on

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