5 Reasons You Should Incorporate Yoga Into Your Daily Routine.

Updated: Apr 16

Yoga has been a lifesaving practice for myself since the pandemic started. I used to always see this practice as something that is only for people with great flexibility and/or focus. However, when I did start practicing yoga, not only it was riveting for my body but also it did provide me with a lot of benefits. Actually, "Yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment" (source: emedicinehealth). There are so many benefits and reasons why you should incorporate Yoga into your daily routine and here are 5 of them.

Yoga Reduces Stress

Practicing yoga helps decrease the level of cortisol into your system which is also the main hormone for stress. By reducing your stress, your overall health also improves. Read more about it on Healthline.com

Yoga Improves Flexibility

Slow movements, stretching out the muscles of

your body helps the regulation of your blood

flow which also will help your body be more

flexible overtime. Come practice yoga with me on the Fitonapp.

Yoga Reduces Cramping & Aching

Coming from someone who has been diagnosed with endometriosis, practicing yoga has been very helpful into helping me reducing my periods' pain. I observed that the more I was doing it the more my period pain level was getting lower and lower. Learn 5 Poses For Natural Pain Relief.

Yoga Helps With Weight Loss

Practicing yoga is also another form of fitness

to help you in your weight loss journey.

Slow movements from yoga practice are very effective into building strength and resistance which also means burning a lot of calories while doing it. Learn 5 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss.

Yoga Brings Energy &

Brightens Your Mood

Yoga is known to require the alignment of the body and mind. You inhale the positive thoughts you want to get into for the day and exhale the bullshit and all the things that might upset your mood. Yoga does help you reach out to this level of positive thoughts (step by steps of course) and brightens your mood. Manifesting a beautiful and positive mind through slow movements and focus is a reason why yoga should be incorporated into your morning routine.

Let’s start a journey together if you are interested come practice yoga with me every Saturday at 10am. Download the Fitonapp & Let’s be friends!

Start Your Yoga Journey With These Few Items:

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