5 Steps To Organize Your Office Space!

Updated: Mar 15

Welcome back guys for another round of inspiration and easy life hacks by yours truly! For this post we are going to talk about organization. It's 2020 and we got to have a new energy which means organization in everything we do or where we are which also includes office space! I know it can be very hard when you have a 9 to 5 job, running errands on the side and also have a side business it can be hard at times to keep the organization intact. So what do you when trying to be organized? Let's take for example your office? It can either be your office at work or home office and with all the documents and files rolling and flying around, it can be hard to track and separate everything. For the purpose of creating an organized office space here are 5 easy and simple steps to follow:

  1. Let's Purge! Yes, it is very important to do an intense purge into your office by going through your files, separate the important files to the old files you are not likely to use anymore, take out the useless stuff and materials hanging around your office that are not of use and just taking space in your office. After that purge your will see how much space your office does.

  2. Create folders for each files. It will be very helpful to create folders for all of your items and files. You can simplify your work by naming each folders based on the group of items or files selected and put them in order from very important to less important. Check this one (https://www.staples.com/file+organizer/directory_file%2520organizer?autocompletesearchkey=file%2520organizer)

  3. Organize your office supplies. Take the time to assemble all of your office supplies and put each supplies based on categories. You can easily get some decorative boxes for office supplies from the staples store. Check this one, (https://www.staples.com/tru-red-6-compartment-mesh-drawer-organizer-matte-black-tr57545/product_24402497)

  4. Clean up your office. After following the 3 steps above you will see how much space your office does have so it is time to clean up a bit. Clean all the dust and wipe everything around to make your office shiny. Take the time to clean up everything in your office it will help you have a better vision of how your office really looks like when it is all clean.

  5. Decorate your office the way you want. Before decorating any space I like to visualize how the space might look like with the decoration in. I use Pinterest as a mood board and inspiration for space decor but I do add my personal touch to make it like the way I want. You can definitely shop around online to find out which office style talks to you and represent you the best and then decorate your office the way you like.

Take the time to have fun while organizing your office space and just do it step by step, it will make it so easier and enjoyable.

As an added bonus here are some ideas to check for your office decor you can easily enjoy on Pinterest, click on the link: https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=office%20decor%20ideas%20for%20women%20creative&rs=guide&term_meta[]=office%20decor%20ideas%20for%20women%7Cautocomplete%7C2&add_refine=creative%7Cguide%7Cword%7C9

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