5 Tips I Learned From My First Time At NYFW!

Welcome back guys, I hope you had a wonderful week, for my part, I had a busy week, things are getting crazier and crazier with work but in a good way which I am definitely falling in love with! Ok let's get back to the subject. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend to Fashion Week in New York for the first time. The time I spent was very well worth it and the shows were amazing. However, since I was newbie to this world, I had to learn a lot things either the hard way (not that hard though, just very annoying way) and of course the good way.

Here are 5 small tips, I thought I could share with you guys from my first experience at NYFW:

  • Pack A Snack. Shows will start from early morning to late night events so it its very important to pack a snack because you will need it, trust me. Sometimes, they might have snacks or drinks to offer as complimentary but it is not always enough to sustain you the whole day and having a small snack in your bag will definitely go a long way. Small snacks can vary such a Kind protein bars (different flavors to choose from), Belvita crackers (few flavors as well) or it could a fruit of your preference.

  • Wear The Maximum You Can Flat Shoes. I know when fashion comes in, as women we love to add heels on our fire outfits because it will give the kick it needs to make it complete. However, wearing flats shoes also go[ a long way in the fashion world and it will HELP your feet!!! It is New York, traffic is impossible, you will probably be taking the subway most of the time and walk some blocks so wearing some flat shoes walking on those hard New York streets, you will thank me later.

  • Stay Camera Ready. It is called Fashion Week for something right? Everybody will be in their best attires, strutting the streets like superstars and the cameras will be ready to roll from all over. Make sure to take your time when walking, smile genuinely and walk that walk. (Also make sure to get every photographs business cards, it will help you get your pictures faster)

  • Have Your Business Cards Ready. As either a blogger or influencer or any type of press, having your business cars ready are FUNDAMENTALS! NYFW is not only for fashion shows but also for networking. After the shows, you will probably attend lots of events and after parties where you will be meeting a lot of people in the industry and well let's just say it is never bad to create relationships with some people, (and sometimes you will literally see celebrities walking right by you).

  • Stay True To Yourself. I wanted to share this one as my last tip to tell you that no matter what stay yourself. If you are new into attending fashion week, it can be very intimidating at times because you will feel like there is competition between everyone like who is the best dressed, who is hanging out with who and so on and it can be very intimidating if you are a shy person like myself, it can very be! However, I learned that in those kind of situations the best way to handle yourself in a proper way is to just be yourself. Be social and open to everybody, compliment on their outfits, start out a conversation, stay comfortable in every word you say and confident. You will definitely be making friends all around your whole time because they will like you the way you are.

As a newbie, I do not the have total experience of fashion weeks but from my first time, I was able to pick up some small things that I felt like I needed to share with you guys, please let your girl know if those tips were helpful by leaving a comment on my instagram post. Lots of love, xoxo.

(On the next post, I will be sharing my bucket list travel and more. Stay Tuned!)


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