Beauty/Skincare Items To Hydrate This Spring Season

Updated: Mar 30

Spring season is upon us and we all know our skin gets affected to the weather change every

single time. When the end of the winter comes and we transition into the spring our skincare routine also meet a new transition.

Here are a few of my favorites beauty items to hydrate I like to use for my skincare routine during

the Spring season.

Neutrogeona Cleanser: perfect to cleanse up your

skin and take off the dirt.

Clinique lotion n*3: easy to clean up

the rest of the dirt and open up your pores


Chanel Illuminating Moisturizer: favorite moisturizer

for hydrating your skin and getting that morning glow.

Clarins lip balm: very important to take care of

your lips. This balm hydrate and soften

the lips cracked from the winter.

Bliss Vitamin C Pro Collagen: your skin will definitely need some

vitamin C with the season transition.

Tula Sunscreen: with the weather transition, the sun will be hitting

more & more on our skin which means you gotta protect it.

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