Black History Month: Black Women Getting Together & Creating Magic!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Happy Black History Month Guys!! I know it has been a longtime, your girl was all over the place oh boy!! But I am back now and working on more consistency. Let's get back to the subject. We are in February guys, which means Black history Month, which means celebrating the Black Beauty Magic, the story of the dope black people who made history and paved the way the generations who came in after and to come. But let's talk about the "real magic", Black Women Magic. We are the Magic, the Beauty and everything more. Black Women are the epitome of beauty and smartness, well educated and can create the most beautiful things when they are getting together.

One of the things I love to see the most is when beautiful black love and support each other, it is beautiful. Actually, in today's world of competition, especially as a black woman where the struggle can be very real, it is very easy to get pitted against your fellow black woman (sometimes in nasty ways) in order to achieve a goal or succeed in something. However, we need to understand that there is space for everybody especially for everyone of us, to create a space for each other where we can all grow, be more creative, enthusiast to share our amazing culture to the people around us and make sure that we can be heard and scene in this world. Fortunately for us, what I get to observe from the surroundings around me is the fact we do get more and more supportive of each other more than ever and it just looks amazing to see that good energy around it.

This post is dedicated, to all the amazing and beautiful black women around the world who try to make it one day at a time, take the time to educate themselves in any thing they are interested into, to work hard for it, thrive in it and are supportive to one another. We need to keep that same energy and vibe as an example for the generation to come. Lets continue to be inspired by the amazing black women who inspired us in our work so we can create some magic in this world too.

The Black Girl Magic is amazing to feel and experience first hand when the energy is right and just.

Get your girls, support your girls in their endeavors, cheer for them, create a community of amazing and dope women and go create some MAGIC in this world!! Lots of Love, xoxo.


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