Body Shaming... Negative Comments... Let's talk about it!!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! I am so very happy you have decided to come back and read my post. With no further a due, let's dive into our new subject. Let's talk about BODY SHAMING and NEGATIVE COMMENTS! Yes, I needed to write them in caption so we can definitely see and understand what is going on. Why do people take the time of their lives and just body shame you? Why do you think they do it? Those are the questions I have been asking myself lately. Let's start first by defining what is Body Shaming? Well if you have been hearing this word all around, have a small idea about it but do not really know the definition of, well let me tell you. Body Shaming is defined as the action of mocking or bullying a person because of the shape and size of their body. Unfortunately, it is a despicable action which is increasing in our world more and more especially with the growth of social media. Actually, not only you see body shaming on social media but you also see some people doing it to others in the real world. Besides, it is very unfortunate when people act this way.

On the other hand, we see that social media has been the biggest platform where you see all of these body shamers coming to life, giving insulting comments to other people, and do you know why they do that? Because first of all, we cannot really catch them to denounce them publicly and second, they feel empowered to give those negative opinions because they are hiding behind their keyboards and making attempts of destroying your confidence. Sad right? Actually, a few days ago, I experienced this situation of being body shamed by some people because I posted a picture of me in my swimsuit, I received some backlash from some people telling me "I did not have the right body to post that kind of picture", "you are too fat to be in a bikini and post it on social media", "you are a woman, you shouldn't be showing your skin out" and the best one I got was "are you not afraid of God? A woman should not be posting a picture of her almost naked". Again, sad right?. Although, from my take, when I reading those messages I was not really hurt but angry instead because i felt like i did not ask for anybody's negative opinion about me. My questions to them were more like: "Who asked about what you think?", "did I ask about giving your opinion?". Like I said earlier, the feeling of being hurt was not so much present about these negative comments but more of an anger. However, let's say that it happens to other people and we know that it happens all the time, those poor people who get attacked sometimes are not strong enough mentally to receive these kind of backlash. Those kinds of negative backlash do affect people in so many ways and it hurts very bad when people do not support you but prefer to destroy you instead because they are feeling frustrated in their own worlds.

Equally important, there is the fact that we need to understand that in this world we living in, nobody can say that they are confident enough to be so thick skin that they will never care about what other people will say about them. I mean it is true that your life is way better when you ignore those unpopular comments but it is also not easy to ignore them 100% and I am sure everybody feels the same at some point. Nowadays, we are more conscious about how we look, our body, size, shape and even skin color representation, and all of these have been so much complexed in a way that we all have to make sure that we look like some type of way before either going out of the door or when we post a picture on social media. It is already very hard enough in this world to live up to expectations and we do not need any type of negativity in our lives. This is not fair to the people who are being attacked all the time. Furthermore, for most of the women, (including me) who do not have the "body model type" it is easier for us to be extra conscious about our body every time and when we decide to also show a little bit of skin (either in a bathing suit or sexy dress) it is to challenge ourselves to be more confident about ourselves and also to be able to inspire in some way other women who are feeling insecure about their body. In fact, many women think that they do not deserve to wear a cute bikini, a tight dress or any other cute outfits and post them on social media or just go out of the door and receive negative comment about their looks. We are all trying to inspire them in a way that they will feel good in their skin, feel beautiful, amazing and deserving about everything in their lives instead of feeling down because some people decided to be judgmental and tried to bring them down.

Let's be real, all of these judgmental people are all frustrated about their own lives and because they are not confident enough to show off too, they prefer to bring down others who have decided to take the bigger step in their lives by challenging themselves in being better and amazing in their lives. We should not be paying attention to all of these useless comments because trust me they do not make money off of you by trying to bring you down, they do not receive any types of compensations by doing all of these things. They are just feeling bad about themselves and they want you to feel the same too. However, do not let all these "haters" destroy your confidence. No, do not give them the chance to feel like they have the power on you. Instead, show off, do everything you want to do. Be unapologetic about yourself, be able to show your confidence to everybody. Always remember that you are BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING and SEXY (if I might add to). Never apologize or feel shy to put yourself out there. Let them say everything they want to, because trust me at the end of day, it is your life you are living and nobody else can do it better than you so ignore and block all the negativity around you. Life is way too short to be stressed about useless things or pay attention to negative people you will either never see in your life or even if you do they will never add anything useful in your life. Anytime they will come for you, just either ignore them or just respond to them with nice and classy way where they will feel so frustrated they will go back from where they came from. But my main advice will be just to ignore them because the more you will ignore them, they will stop because they will see that you do not have the time for those comments and you have way better and positive things to do than responding them back. Forever keep the positivity around you, stay with the people who will always love and support you no matter what. This is the only guidance I can share with you.

This is me looking thick, not the "model type" body, have big thighs, big belly and lots of calories to carry around in my body. I am showing off because I am forcing myself to be more confident about myself every single day and want to inspire every women to feel comfortable about themselves too. Love, xoxo.


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