Creating A Morning Routine: It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

Creating a morning routine can be quite helpful in order to focus on something to do every time we wake up. However, it can be sometimes difficult to stick to the plan for different types of reasons and one is because we are trying to create some type of a perfect or fancy morning routine which ends up being very exhausting to follow at the end of the day. I used to not really have a morning routine before the quarantine but when it started, a routine started to include itself into my life step by step. From this point, I was able to combine all of these small actions and create a simple morning routine. This is what it looks like:

7 Am: I wake up, take a few minutes to gather my mind, automatically drinks a whole bottle of water then take my phone, check my notes & read the tasks i have set for the day.

7.30 Am: Brush my teeth, I go into my workout outfit, lay out my mat and start working out for the next 20 minutes (I use the FitOn app for all my workouts).

8.20 Am: Already showered in & then start doing my morning skin routine (products I used such as Curology cleanser, Clinique toner, Fenty Fat water toner & serum, Curology rich moisturizer & Tula sunscreen).

8.45 Am: Go to the kitchen for some coffee with Almond milk (my favorite coffee is Nescafe classic coffee bean) and breakfast (usually either poached eggs with some toasts or some oatmeal).

9 Am: Go sit in my corner office, turn on the television (for some noise), open my laptop, read my emails then go on about my work set for the day.

As you can see, my morning routine is not fancy at all and not too shabby I will say. The main goal is to be able to create a routine you know you will be able to follow, a routine that fits you and only you. Take your routine step by step, it doesn't happen right away or in a day. You can even take notes about the things you observed you like to do in the morning. create the schedule which will satisfy your needs. If you already have a morning routine which one is it?


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