Every Cropped Jacket You Need To Get This Fall 2020

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Cropped jacket (including blazers) are making a come back this Fall 2020 and with the new season coming in it is imperative to stay on top of the fashion trends. According to Cosmopolitan, cropped jackets are a must for this season and they arranged number one on their lists. After a few research all over the internet, I found that cropped jackets are very in need especially from stunting in the runaways to the streets. This cropped jacket I am rocking is from Asos and this another one to to add into the Fall fashion trend. I also did show this cropped jacket on my latest video doing an Asos Fall Try On Haul Lookbook (check out it out and you can subscribe to my channel, search: TheIvorianGirl). I will be sharing a lot of fall fashion trends you need to know throughout this season on my blog so stay tuned for more details and if you want to see my day to day fall fashion OOTD, follow me on my instagram (@the_ivorian_girl).

Cropped Jackets under $100:

Cropped Blazers under $100:

If you are still on the fence on getting on the boat when it comes to cropped jackets, I hope this post will persuade you to get on the cropped jacket trend for the Fall 2020.

Shop the details of my outfit down below!

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