Favorites Resources To Use As A Blogger

Updated: Mar 30

Blogging or creating content means being able to provide great content to your audience every single time. However, being inspired to create content doesn't come only from your mind but also from outside resources to help you complete your content. As a blogger and content creator, outside resources are a must in my work in order to provide good content. There are so many resources to choose and go for that wether you are a beginner or senior in the blogging or content creation world, these resources are accessible and easy to use and apply them into your work. Here are a few of my favorites resources to use as a blogger:

  • Canva: this is definitely one of my main resources to go to when I am creating content for my blog. Canva is a platform created for all type of content creator which includes everything you need such as creating flyers, posters, Instagram templates for posts and stories, websites design templates, YouTube thumbnails designs, business design templates and so much more.

  • Pinterest: we all know that Pinterest is one of the biggest platforms for inspirations. Looking to create a mood board? Pinterest is here for it. Looking for some lifestyle images to share on your website? Pinterest is here for it. Looking for literally all type of inspiration to help you create amazing content? Say no more, Pinterest is here for it.

  • Instagram: Instagram is also a great platform resource to go to when planning on creating content. This platform is so wide that you can get inspired from the stories and posts from the people you follow. This is a great source of inspiration for content creation. (Follow me on IG @the_ivorian_girl)

  • Youtube: This is also another great platform to use it as a resource wether you are a blogger or content creator. From the niche you are working on, there are thousands of videos to watch and get the content you need in order to create your and share it to your audience.

  • Get inspired by other bloggers's posts: It is also important to get inspired by your favorites bloggers's posts. Their posts are also a resource for you as a blogger in order to find a common thread or an idea in order to create your own content which will fit you and your audience.

  • Your Environment: everything that's around you, the people around you, your own life is also a resource for you for creating content. You can easily find ideas based on the niche you are in, take notes and create content from them adapted to your audience.

As a whole, being a blogger means that you have to get all the resources you need in order to create the best content for your audience every single time. There is such a wide list of resources to go from and I will be sharing more and more overtime. Now that you got a few ones accessible to you, get at it and let's get creative!