Friday The 13th: Day Of The Goddess

When Friday hits on a "13" of any given month, we all know the stories behind it from it is an unlucky day, a day of just bad things happening and so on. There have been so much rumors about "Friday the 13th", movies have been made after it and so much more. But do you really know the story behind "Friday the 13th"? Well, let me share with you the real story of "Friday the 13th".

Back in the day, like during pagan days, Friday the 13th was considered as the day of the Goddess. This is something I never knew about but only after doing some research I learned a lot about it and let me share more. So, like I said it was considered to be a celebration for the Goddess, a day dedicated to celebrate the divine feminine and honor our cycles because the moon has 13 cycles and each year the average woman has 13 menstrual cycles so it was meant to celebrate this feminine power women have. In addition, Friday was also known to be a day devoted for women, a day dedicated to celebrate the Goddesses Venus (Goddess of beauty, sensuality) and Freya (Goddess of fertility and her name is also the origin of the name Friday). Both Goddesses were celebrated every Friday the 13th (and even any other Fridays) in order to embrace love, sexuality and sensuality within us.

However, when patriarchy rose up and with the rise of Christianity, priests banned all pagan worships, according to The Dailyedge "Christianity came along and claimed that the most important man in the world was the son of a Virgin, banned women from having any role in the Church, and created a taboo about Friday the 13th because of its association with women". Patriarchy came with all of its insecurities and shadow banned this day of celebrating women by turning it into a day of having bad luck, horror and more.

So if you are feeling stressed out about Friday the 13th, well don't. Here a few things you can do have a good Friday the 13th:

  • Get yourself a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning

  • Take a few minutes to meditate getting your thoughts all together

  • Light up a candle, manifest everything you want to do during this day

  • Give yourself some affirmations words, embrace yourself, embrace your womanhood, your power, creativity, sensuality, beauty and everything that makes you such a strong woman.

Turn this day into a celebration for yourself instead of having in mind that it is a scary day or something else.

THE EDIT, Goddess items to celebrate yourself: