Glamping Retreat... What An Amazing Time!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to go into a retreat in Maryland with amazing people. First of all, the retreat was based on a glamping vibe, "Pour Back Into You", where we had to camp and sleep into beautiful and very cute tents. The whole idea of the glamping retreat was:

1. Pour Back Into You

2. Get out of our stressful life for a weekend

3. Taking time for ourselves

4. Heal physically and spiritually

5. Get in touch with our inner self

6. Share your stories with the people around you and experience the great energy around you

Actually, this list is just so small compared to what I experienced during that weekend. The glamping retreat was a very great experience for me because first it was my first time being in a retreat while living in the US and second participating into a glamping weekend where I got to be camping, which is something I never did in my life. So yeah, this was definitely one in the books.

Let's talk about the whole weekend experience and activities we got to do. Let me remind remind you that the retreat was only for women and we also got to be hosted by Marlana who is an Incredible Tarot Cards reader (We camped in her amazing and big backyard and her house was so beautiful too) and Montage PR with Camille Davis.

Besides the guests of the retreat, we had the opportunity to also meet incredible and experts people into their fields. These people were beautiful and amazing women who are a traditional and fractional healers in different areas. So the plan was that we all got a schedule where us guests had a consultation with each of the healers and we got to experience their expertise in so many ways and I can tell for everybody that it was an amazing experience. They were 4 healers specialized in:

1. Herbal Practitioner

2. Yoni Steam

3. Chiropractor


5. Tarot Cards

Alright let's get into each of these experiences. First, the Herbal Practitioner. She was such an expert in her field, I mean duhh I know but it was just mind blowing in so many ways. I got to learn about different types of herbs that are good for your health, and help you digest fully because I have been dealing with indigestion for so many years and by just knowing what kind of natural and traditional herbal tea I could use to help with the digestive problem was just a blessing for me. I also got to understand the importance of drinking alkaline water and did you know that the right alkaline water has to be under 9.5 PH ? I know right? I did not know about that though. So now, I get the chance to always check on the bottle of alkaline water if it fits the requirement. Another thing was the fact that I was able to experience other products which can help with back pain and muscle soreness. What I can say from this consultation is the fact that I learn a lot about how I can avoid lots of nutritious things that are bad for my body and replace with more healthy ones. I thought I knew most of the healthy things I was supposed to do and eat but I was blown away by the amount of things I got to learn.

The second consultation was a Yoni Steam. Actually, a Yoni Steam is an ancient practice used in Africa by women for vaginal special care. They used herbs for the care and it is known to to be passed down through generations. The Yoni Steam is known for cleansing the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, ease period cramps and bloating. For this consultation you get to seat on a special seat where there is steaming getting under vagina and there are some special herbs into the steam. It is pretty a much a vaginal steaming and it feels so good the whole time. Also, you get to be naked and they wrap you with a big cloth in order to keep the steam on you. The difference from the other Yoni Steams you get to see for others, was the fact that the practitioner was talking to me the whole, I started sharing my story and my personal feelings and then we repeated together some affirmation words. Affirmation words which help you feel good about yourself spiritually and emotionally. I really adored that moment. It helped taped into myself and at the same time physically cleansing myself. If you do not know about this practice and interested into do it, check online your local Yoni Steam Institute.

The third one unfortunately, I did not have the the chance to experience her expertise but I got get some very great feedback from the other guests who got to experience her and also she is an eye reader. Yes, from the picture of your eyes she can tell you everything you have physically as an anomaly and what you should start or stop doing. Yes, very blown-away by that.

However, I got to experience this amazing Naturopath. She was amazing. First, she used the food I was eating earlier that day and the thing is she used that physical technique to make me realize that actually this food was not good for my system, she also used other products and her physical techniques to make me understand what was good and not good for my system. Another thing we did which I also loved was the fact that she helped tap into myself and emotions in ways that I can't describe, but let me try though. She asked me some questions about my life and goals and how I was feeling about them. She wanted me to share my fears and helped tap into them in a way that I can understand where those fears are coming from and telling myself some affirmation words with some physical actions which helped me understand my own self and my own emotions. This technique was very effective and I can tell you that it helped me understand a lot of things about those underlying fears I had and be more confident about myself. It was definitely a great experience and if you are interested into getting a consultation with her and lives in the DMV area, the information will be posted below:

Grace McCall, M.S., DHSc,, R-BCND, D.D., QMHP,, PSM1

Naturopath/Drugless Practitioner Clinical Herbalist/Nutritionist Behavioral Health Consultant Phone: 804-548-5809 Email:



Now, let's get into that last part which was so nerve racking (in a good way) and a very big eye opener about my whole life, what has has been holding me back my whole life and understand my self doubts I also had my whole life. This one was Tarot Cards Reading. I know, when I say that some of you might think,"huh, I don't believe in these" or "it is a scam" and so on. Trust me i was one the people saying the same things but the thing is you gotta find the right, spiritual experienced person to do your tarot readings. I got the amazing chance to meet Marlana who is an amazing and talented women in heir field and she knows what she is talking about. It was indeed my first time to get a tarot reading, it was so great. Everything she said was kind of a repetition I knew deep down was true, I refused to listen to them but I needed somebody from the outside to tell me that it is ok to feel like that, it is ok to think that you deserve so and so because you do, and telling things that I never thought I could say outloud and it is somebody who tells it for me, it was just incredible.

Although one incredible part of this whole retreat was the bonafire we got to do on the first night of the retreat and it was fire, (yes nice choice of words!). It was fun, we got to be around an amazing bonafire, we all wrote down a piece of paper everything we wish to let go and we threw them into the fire which created a more amazing fire, we danced, laughed and sang around it. It was just an amazing and bonding moment we had. What a time to be Alive!

This whole weekend was an incredible experience for me, I got to experience some vegan food and truth to be told, it was amazing. Like seriously, I never thought I would like it, but I did like it. Besides all of these, I also got to share this amazing time with amazing and strong women around me and it was so uplifting to see their strength and the fact that they shared with every people in the room was just a blessing. All I can say that I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate to such an amazing event. I wanted to give a special thank you to Montage PR who invited me in the first place and thank you to all of the women who were around me that whole weekend. You guys are just AMAZING. Love, xoxo.

Ps: We did not get into the whole camping situation because it was soo cold we couldn't stay outside the whole night so we snuck out into the house to sleep in a warm condition. Well we did try to glamp but the cold was just too much, haha.


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