Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Happiness.. this is such a broad and general word which has so many definitions according to every one of us. If you type the word "Happiness" on google, the definition that comes in is "The state of being happy... Contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, cheerfulness" and so many other words included into their "definition". Actually, it is kind of hard to just stick to that definition because I think there is more to it. Happiness can be defined into so many ways based on the person experiencing it, some are happy when they are in love, some when they are eating or dancing, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, when family is around or even when by being alone and so many more. I mean, if you ask anybody else "What is happiness?" according to them, they are either won't be able to give you a straight answer or they will give you the platonic, broad and general definition of it.

Throughout the centuries, the word happiness has been a mythical theme for many people which tended to be hard to really define on. Some philosophers such as Aristotle was able to give his side of what is happiness according to him: "Happiness is the highest desire and ambition of all human beings. The way to achieve it is through virtue. If one cultivates within oneself the highest virtues, he or she will reach true happiness". Obviously, it is a philosophic definition with many great wise words and it might be confusing to understand what he is trying to say. However, from my understanding of what Aristotle is trying to tell us is that happiness is something we have within ourselves. As human beings, we all have to reach deeper and deeper to find happiness by practicing self care, self love, getting around positive energy in a way that you will be able to achieve true happiness.

But do you think that we can achieve real true happiness? Some might say that yes you can achieve real happiness, depends on how you do it. Let's say when you see an old couple who has been married for many years and when you asked them if they were happy all this time, most will say yes we were and still happy and you see the love between them. This might appear as real true happiness achieved by both of them right? However, we obviously know that it wasn't happiness all the time, definitely some ups and downs but the fact that despite everything they were able to stick together and keep that love between them, I guess this would define as reaching true happiness. Although, it is not only in love where you can reach true happiness but you can find it in different ways. The best way I think is again as stated earlier to really practice self love and self care by doing things that makes you feel good. It is important to make sure to put all the negativity aside, always be around good and positive energy, be around people who will bring out your inner light and you can also bring out their inner lights. Be the person people would like to be around because you attract positive and bright energy around you. This will bring you happiness. Being able to reach true happiness is the goal everyone of us is trying to achieve in our everyday lives. In order to be able to do that, we need to create a positive pattern, a pattern where you will be able to follow every single day that will make feel good. Also, we need to understand that happiness can be found in small things, you don't need to achieve great goals to be happy.

The bottom line is the fact that as human beings we all aspire to be happy, to create this positive energy around us where we can feel good and safe. Just because we are looking for it, makes us work for it and sometimes over do it when it is not usually necessary because as I said earlier, happiness can be in found in doing small things (help people, practice self care, run negativity aside, do the things you like, etc) and doing these small things will get you a step closer to achieve true happiness.


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