Creating A Daily Evening Routine During This Quarantine

Updated: Mar 15

Are you the kind of girl who plans her daily evening routine before hitting the bed? Or just spend every nights differently without a set schedule? Well personally, I was the kind of person who never really had a daily evening routine all set up but just a day to day evening based on what is going on! However, with quarantine being the new norm all over where you get to be stuck at home, more free time have been added into my hands (which I am sure into everybody's hands) where I get to create more daily holistic habits for myself. From this point, I also added a few ways to help me stay on track and take better care of myself on how I spend my evenings and create a small routine where I can keep up to it. I will be sharing with you guys how I am creating a daily evening routine and how I make sure to stay consistent by following my schedule.

  • Put A Stop To Our Daily Work. When you schedule your daily work make sure to stop at a specific time and do not go over it. I usually stop working around 6.30pm and when the time comes in I stop everything work related.

  • Get Your Dinner On & A Glass Of Wine! Make sure to have your dinner set ready as early than 9pm max in order to get your body able to digest whatever food you had for dinner.

  • Watch A Movie Or TV Series. I usually like to watch a show during the evening after eating, having something to watch on tv will help you relax your mind, forget your daily workload stress and just have fun watching your favorite show.

  • Do Skincare. Before going to bed, having a nice skincare routine to help your skin stay healthy is very important especially at night. I take the time to maintain the skincare routine every night and I got to say this time it has been very enjoyable and fruitful skin health wise. Here are a few a products I use for my nightly skin care routine (you can buy these products just by clicking on the links):

Clinique clarifying lotion

Acneefree Purifying Cleanser

Bliss Vitamin C + Pro Collagen

  • Review Your Tomorrow Schedule. I usually go back on my calendar while laying on my bed and reviewing what I will be doing for the next day and make some tweaks if changes have to be incorporated.

  • Drink Some Chamomile Tea. I love having a cup of chamomile tea before going to sleep will help your immune system relaxed enough to have a better sleep at night. According to "The best time to drink this chamomile tea creation is about 30 minutes before bed. It's widely regarded as a mild tranquilizer and sleep-inducer. The sedative effects from the apigenin occur because it binds to the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain."

  • Enjoy Some Last Minute Social Media Overlook Before Sleeping. I like to go on social media for few minutes before falling asleep. It helps me entertained myself for a few minutes and then I am off to sleep.

I created this small evening routine to help myself stay on track of things and to also help me get back to take care of myself more seriously and what better moment to do all that when you are quarantined? I guess it is the perfect moment in a way. However, you might think or ask how to stay consistent on this routine? Well it is simple, I put a this schedule on my phone with some reminders here and there to help me stay focused. Personally it does work for me in way that I get to be reminded to do this and that and the thing is by doing it one day at a time, the habit starts to built on into your daily routine and by the time you know it you won't need no reminders anymore.

Another question that can be asked now is how can you build your own evening routine? Well for this, I think it is important to know these points and act on them:

  • Find the time that works best for you to start your evening routine

  • If you feel lost on where to start, doing some research on how to have a healthy evening routine can help set up your own routine.

  • Start small and be kind to yourself. Do not go overboard by creating an an extra evening routine just to prove yourself a point, you are the only one who knows yourself better so make sure to create something that will fit you as much as possible and also do not forget that you are human as humans we make mistakes, we get lazy sometimes and it is okay if you skipped a day of following your schedule. It can happen, however, do not make that as a continuous habit. Try stay on track and consistent (consistency is key!).

I hope you will enjoy my few tricks on how I created my evening routine and staying consistent. I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what is your evening routine if you have one and how do you make sure to stay consistent? Lots of love, xoxo.