Bedroom Decor While Self-Isolating

Updated: Mar 15

Self isolation has been quite an adventure for me for the past few months. I moved in recently into a new apartment and well you know how the struggle can be from taking care of cleaning out everything (days and days) and the most important is finding out what kind of decor are you feeling for your place. What type of house decor are you into? Modern? Shabby chic? Bohemian? Industry? Minimalism? Or else?

Well for me I can't really say what type of decor I am totally into, still figuring out that part but what I would say is that my decor is mostly based on my inspirations, what I feel like it will represent me and also the effortless part of it. So for that reason, I decided to start with bedroom first and then gradually go onto the rest of the rooms of the apartment. While being self isolated I had the time on may hands to find out how I would like decorate my bedroom in a way that it could look entertaining, fun and comfy at the same time because my bedroom is where I literally spend most of my days (from working from home to create content for my social media) so it has to look a certain way.

Let's start with my favorite part of my bedroom which is my office:

From office vibes...

Check out my post on 5 Small Steps To Organize Your Office , great tips shared to help you get your office looking all chic!

to office glam room...

Get the same items from the pictures above:

Mounted wall desk

Lighted Makeup Mirror Hollywood Mirror Vanity

Plants Decor

Wall Art

Now let's check my content creation space:

I used the other side of the bedroom to create this content creation space for both reasons:

  • Colorful background

  • Aesthetic

My wall art from Amazon (click the link to get the same!)

Night stand vibes with Biglots:

I hope you guys loved the few items shared and don't worry a full video of my whole bedroom & closet decor will be up live on my new YouTube channel! Yes your girl is coming on YouTube soon and I can't wait to share everything I have in store for you. In the meantime stay tuned for the announcement date which is very soon! Stay safe, lots of love, xoxo.