Falling In Love With Breakfast!

Updated: Mar 15

Breakfast! Right? I know the title sounds a bit odd but yeah I am falling in love with breakfast so lets talk about breakfast for a minute (a few...). According to Better Health Channel "Breakfast is considered an important meal because it breaks the overnight fasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day".


We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but raise your hands if you are a faithful breakfast eater every day or just do it once in a while when you have the time? Well I got to be honest, I have been on the latter, never been a breakfast eater, only get to do it once in a while, it has been something I never really deeply thought about it because I had this perception that breakfast was not such the most important meal of the day but mostly comes in handy when sometimes you have to take some medicine in the morning or didn't eat the night before... something like that! So I spent years not really being a breakfast eater and did not have any problem with that.

However, a plot twist just happened when this quarantine happened and then well.. more on your hands also gets you very busy by doing things you were not used to do because of you know.. life! So then, me and breakfast happened! Yep it did! Having to recreate a whole new schedule because of quarantine, I was able to adjust things the way it fits me and because of that I was able to also adjust my eating schedule which was a very game changer for me ( note: I always had an unorganized eating schedule, so it helped!). From that point, waking up early and starting my day at home got me more enticed to get some breakfast in the morning. It started with some good coffee,

then adding some granola bars on the side, then another day why not do a plate of fruits (my favorites I have been doing is granola fruit bowl, check out the recipe below) or some poached eggs on a toast, or a veggie quiche and on and on... From that point I can say I was pretty far off the breakfast binge and enjoyment, but you know what? I love it. I love this new part of myself where I get to add into my life a new discipline of just taking the time to have a small breakfast in the morning. It is a small thing where it might not look that important but it is about discipline and how you can make your life better by just doing something simple and keep as a habit. It doesn't need to be a big action, small things matter and when you get to master them, they are wins. Smalls steps are also wins, don't forget that!

Last but not least, the fact that you get to have a wide range of breakfast you can create in the morning is also one of the main reason I fell in love with it, because I get to create the type of food I want to eat in the morning, something I would love to enjoy and also making sure that it has healthy nutrients. I love the odd recipes, the on the go recipes or just happened recipes type of breakfast I get to experience every morning (so can I say that Quarantine is helping me in a way?). For the sake of enjoying breakfast as much I am right now (and hoping it will continue) here are 3 of my favorites websites recipes for easy breakfast you can easily do in the morning to help you power up in the morning:

Check Out my Granola Fruit Bowl recipe:

Rinse all the fruits in a bowl, then cut all the strawberries in slices. Add all the slices in a medium bowl (you can put the slices aesthetically), then add the blueberries and grapes too. Get the Nature's Valley granola bars (4 bars) and put each bars at the end of each corners of the plate (put them inside the fruit bowl by making them standing).

Add one big spoon of cream cheese in the middle of the plate, then voila your your breakfast is ready.

One last tip: you can replace the cream cheese with some jam (apricot is my favorite), you will love it!


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