Let’s Talk About Cramps!

Yes i said it! Lets talk about cramps! It is a subject that can be either sensitive or uncomfortable to talk about but i felt like this is something that is upon almost all women in the world and we do experience a variety of feelings when periods happened and truth to be to told i can never explain those moods and up & down energy or physical pain we experienced as a connoisseur for all women because we are all different and we feel different as human beings. However i can explain my personal struggle with cramps i have experienced for the past 10 years, what i learned about my own body system, a few tricks i learned to ease the pain and what i learned to avoid to lower the pain continuously.

Have you ever felt so much pain it stops you from going to school or work? Longer pain period (sometimes go for hours)? If you have been checking out those boxes then you know what i am talking about! But if you dont see yourself in those questions then i am telling you that you are a lucky girl & please share your experience with us!

For me, i will say that my personal experience has (and still is) a continuous physical pain where sometimes I cannot get out of my own bed for hours! The mood during the first hours are the worst ones because you feel like everything is just turning upside down, you are rolling down all over the bed and still cant find the right position to help ease the pain for a few minutes. For years, my physical pain was increasing every time i had my periods, at some point i had to do some research & learn more about my body. Here are a few things that i learned along the way and are smoothly helping me control my pain as much as i can.

  • What You Can Do To Ease The Pain. Over the years i learned a few tricks on how i could ease my pain during my periods.

  1. Hydrate. Drinking water daily and maintaining a gallon of water per day will help your body retain water which will help you have less bloating while having your periods. Lower bloating, lower pain! Get some cool tea to add into the mix such as lemon ginger and chamomile tea, check out www.yogitea.com

  2. Maintain A Healthy Diet. I learned over the years that keeping a healthy diet really helps lower your pain. You can incorporate a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish, vitamin D, low in animal fats,low caffeine can help reduce the pain. Some healthy food to eat while in your periods such as oranges, lemons, bananas, ginger, dark chocolate, nuts, quinoa. Check out https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/g3733/healthy-dinner-recipes/ for some healthy recipes to cook at home.

  3. Do Some Yoga! Practicing yoga have been a game changer to first my mind but also for my body. And not only from the outside but from the inside too. After a few personal observations I understood that the more i was consistently practicing yoga my period pain was at least 60% lower than it has ever been. Yoga helps increase the circulation in the abdomen, helps the internal organs and the best part it helps soften the mind & reduce anxiety. Periods make you very anxious which increase your pain, so practicing some yoga will in this department lower your anxiety. Last, it is important to just stay physically active, it will help your pain no matter what.

  • A Few Positions To Practice To Help You Ease The Pain. Use a pillow for each positions.

Supported Child Pose.

Supported Pigeon Pose.

Supported Reclining Bound Angle Pose.

One trick: add some soothing music when practicing each positions.

  • What I learned to avoid over the years before and during periods:

  1. Drinking alcohol

  2. Spicy food (the struggle if you are a spicy food lover)

  3. All type of heavy food that your digestive system can't handle it

  4. Don't lounge too hard. Move around when you can.

  5. Reduce your red meat consumption

  6. Avoid sugary drinks at all costs

These are a few tricks and tips that I learned over years. Creating a conversation around these kind of subjects can sometimes feel sore but we have to open to each other, share those kind of struggles us women we experienced and create a support group. Let's lift and support each other up in everything we are doing. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and share your experience under this post. Lots of love, xoxo.

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