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If there was a handbook on how to survive in your 20's I would be the first in line to go buy it. Like for real! From 20-29 years old there is no way of figuring out life. Even until the end of your life you can never figure out life to its fullest. We only dance around, work around life and try to make it out in the better and easiest way we can. Life is not easy. That is an understatement, right? But what can we do if not trying to survive it? Well you got to do what you got to do. Especially, when you living in your 20s there is no handbook on how to handle life, the struggle is very real, you might not be where you thought you will be when you lived in your 20s and I am here to tell you that it is ok. You cannot figure out everything, trust me, as a young 25 year black old woman living in the 21st century just like every people in this world and yep it is not easy. Do not get me wrong, I am not trying to discourage you but I am just stating the simple truth. However, living in you 20s is not that horrible as it seems, on the contrary it means also living and experiencing some incredible adventures whether it is in the relationship or professional field. You definitely gonna be moving a lot, changing jobs often, meeting all types of people, living the true reality of the world with all of its controversies. In some small bullet points here are the real truths we are living in our 20's..., well according to me:


Yes I said it, you are NOT going to figure out everything in life. You are going to struggle, there are some things in life which will happen to you and they will leave you with more questions than you had before. But with time and experience, you will understand how to survive them step by step.


Yep, you are definitely going to live off debt for a great amount time. Actually, with student loans hanging off on your head, the cost of living and everything around, debt will be your companion for good time. There are going to be some challenging times where you are going to be broke for a moment (unless you come from a really rich family or something, but if you are an average woman like me hustling in life then you know what I am talking about), you will be depressed because your situation did not meet the goals you were fixing yourself years before. However, this time will pass, if you are able to secure a good job where you are passionate about, you can definitely try to organize yourself in order to pay off your debts throughout time. Today with the internet, there are so many tools that can help you organize yourself in paying off debts, control your spendings, prioritize what is important and what is not. The only thing you need to do is to educate yourself on how to maintain that balance and like I said with the internet the help is not far. Also there are so many financial management apps on either on the Apple store or Google store, where you can download them and make a schedule of all of payments and goals. My two personal favorites applications I have been using to help stay on schedule when I have some payment goals to achieve or just balance my budget are and . Both are very good in helping maintain your expenses, so please take a look and just download them and see if they fit to your plans. You can both find them on the Apple or Google store.


Do not get me wrong, when I say there are hard I am not trying to scare you off or something, no on the contrary I want to say that the relationships experience you are going to live throughout your 20's will be set to another level. By that, you are going to meet so many men or women in your life where trust me all the relationships you will have with them will be so different in so many ways. However, through the relationships I have been experiencing until now I can say that do not take any relationships as the only one you will have at a point where you will close yourself to other opportunities, unless you are already married or about to be married, then do not listen to me, I mean not all of it. But also, I am not saying that if you are in a relationship go out in your way and cheat with everybody else, nope that is not what I am saying. I am implying the fact that sometimes when we get into a relationship we think that it is the only one we will have in our life and we tend to put all of our energy into it, blindsided sometimes by Lowe and unfortunately we end up being hurt because your partner was not on the same page as you. I just want to say that as somebody who is going throughout his/her 20's there are so many people you are going to meet in your life relationships wise where you are going to learn so many aspects of the love life and also some aspects of yourself. Things that you are or not going to accept as a person, things that you cannot even tolerate for a second, make some compromises in a way that it will even surprises you because you never thought you could find an understanding ground on some subjects with your partner. Like I said, adventurous relationships will be on your path the whole time, do not settle for less, make sure that both of you are on the same page and if not well girl or boy just move on. Like the saying "There are plenty fish in the sea". You deserve better, we all deserve better and do not close yourself because these are best years of life so do not settle if you are not ready. Take your time, you have a long life to live ahead of you so enjoy every little bit of it.


As somebody living in their 20's, you will jump from jobs to jobs throughout the years unless you got lucky to find your dream job and just stayed with it then you are one of the lucky ones. However, if you are among us, the one hustling through life, then you know what I am talking about. You are going to have different jobs over the years which might make you move into different locations throughout the country and even maybe out of the country. But definitely, you will jump from job to job until you find your real niche where you will find yourself comfortable enough to stay in and make you money!!!!


As a young millennial, you are going to make a lot of mistakes. Again, I am not trying to scare you off or make you feel bad but the truth is as a human being and especially living in your 20's lots of mistakes will be made. There are things which will be out of your control where you will find yourself regretting making these choices. There. are decisions you will make thinking it was for the best but will end up being the wrong ones, especially in your younger age you sometimes appear naive and not experienced enough to understand or examine things thoroughly before making any decisions. Mistakes will be made in every domain of life, relationships and professional, but that is life right? Life is made of many things including making mistakes. However, the good part of it is the fact that at every mistakes made you will be able to extract some good lessons from each of them which help you grow mentally and you will be able to make sure not to repeat those same mistakes again. Learn from every actions you will pose in this life either in your 20's or past that.


In general, as a young person in their 20's you will have to learn to be strong, to have a stronger will to fight against every obstacles you will encounter in life. Life will be hard, you are going to have thick skin if you want to succeed in life. You will have sometimes to go past the frustrations, keep it to yourself and think about your end goal which is to succeed in this life, In everything you do, always think about the end goal, it is your biggest priority and do not bring yourself down when things are getting hard because things will get hard, but you always have to tell yourself that you are a strong and amazing woman/man and can do anything your mind sets in. Life in general throughout the whole years you will live in this planet will always be hard in some states, there will be some ups and downs but always make sure to cherish those good moments you had and hold on to them. Lastly, love hardly your friends and family as much as you can and spend every moment with them. They are the pillars of your life.


As going through your 20's you will need help to go through life. You cannot survive life without help. In everything you will do, always receiving help from somebody is good. When feeling confused or lost about things do not hesitate to seek for guidance. Trust me, you will not look weak by asking for help, on the contrary it will show that you are a human being as anybody else and you need some outside help to guide you through some stages of your life. You cannot know everything. Everybody needs help in their life until the end. Nobody will affirm that they succeeded in life without help. Help can come from anybody especially your family and friends. They are the first ones you should turn to when in need for guidance and when feeling lost, they are here to support, love and guide you no matter what so use it to your advantage and get the help and guidance you will need from them. You cannot go into life without a team and your team is your family and friends. They are your number one supporters, never forget that!

As we live throughout the years, there are things you will experience, learn either in the wrong or right way. You will learn some lessons which will help you grow in every way.


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