Millennial, Black,Woman & Confused

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

When I read this title, you know what comes first in my head for each of these words? Let me tell you. Millennial, what the fuck? Black, Lord have mercy? Woman, yay! Confused, Oh my God! you might be like why is she reacting like that but this is how I am definitely feeling in this 21st century. First of all, if you check all the boxes above just like me then you are in the right place, if you don't check all of the boxes but some of them you still in the right place because it is a post to help you/us understand what the fuck is going on! I have been using a bit too much cursed words so lemme try to be less cursive.

Let's start fro the beginning, being a Millennial. What it's like to be a millennial in 2020? Well let me tell you, it is not all happy and rainbow like it might look like on social media. Nope, as a millennial in the 21st century you have to fight against first baby boomers who think that millennial are all about technology only and don't take traditions seriously and the fact that those same baby boomers are the ones holding most of the jobs for decades and we are unable to get. Actually, let's talk about those jobs for a minute and how it affects our livelihood. As a millennial already graduates from whatever studies you done, you know how hard it is to get a job after college and even when you get one, you literally living by on a minimum wage which is not even enough to live by unless you have family to help you on the side. Another thing to take in consideration is the high student loans which literally kills us every day when you have a small salary and you have to pay off highly debt that will never ends. According to Forbes " One of the biggest complications is that the average millennial is saddled with more than $37,000 in student loan debt, forcing recent graduates to move back home to save money, potentially missing out on other opportunities." (Why Are Millennials Salaries Are Disproportionally Low, from Forbes). Also anything thing, is how we can struggle as millennials to have savings account when we are living under minimum wage, high debt in student loans, and the everyday spendings how can we maintain a saving account? According to the Institute For Policies Studies, "The standard personal finance advice doled out these days is to save at least three months of expenses, save for retirement, and spend less than a third of your income on housing. But when you don’t have enough to cover rent, student loans, and insurance, not to mention groceries, where’s all this saving going to come from? What’s the advice for the 40 million of us earning under $15 an hour, whose jobs don’t cover the cost of living?", (5 Ways The Economy Is Stacked Against Millennials, Institute For Policies Studies). So cool to be a millennial!

Now let's talk about what it means to be black in this world. Well, as a black person, it is not a walk in the park. I feel like I should not spend too much writing on this part because wether you want to admit or not (this is for more my nonblack people) you all witness one way or another racism onto black people. There are so many examples I can use from daily racism any black people experience just because of the color of their skin (job refusal, pay gaps, unsolicited comments & looks...) to their killings by the hands of police or others and you know we have endless names of people who have died unjustly under them (George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so much more). This is unfortunately the world we live in where being a black person means every time when you step out of the door you have to leave your feelings at home and pray this is not your last day on earth because you are walking while being black. As a black influencer/blogger, I have first hand of the gap and unjust treatment sometimes I receive from brands when they try to work with you and just because you are a person of color, they tend to treat you differently and expect from you to accept free work or less payment. If you want more information as an influencer/blogger on the pay gap check out Influencerpaygap page. They made a good job sharing everything you know about the pay gap in the influencer world.

Kamala Harris said: "There is no vaccine against racism, we have to do the work".

What a time to be a woman right now right? Well, something I am proud to see is how millennial women are taking the mantle and their power back through all stages of their lives. Women are getting more degrees than ever, snatching high end jobs which were always destined to men. Women are owning their sexuality with no shame by challenging this patriarchal world. Women are becoming more and more the symbols of strength and power (which we should have been recognized decades ago..). However, we still experiencing some hate and mansplaining trying to take women down by making them feel like they shouldn't have dreams or aim higher. Unfortunately because of this patriarchal mindset, there is always going to be this negativity around successful women trying to pave the way for the next generation and challenging old sexist traditions which have been put upon us for decades. But we are resilient and fighters, we are here to stay no matter what!

As last, I am confused y'all. Very confused of this world we are living in right now. Between a pandemic that's killing half of the world right now, endless racism and killing of people of colors, immigrant families being torn apart by being deported, seeing children in cages, unresolved wars in the Middle East, famine and hunger taking over in third world countries, billionaires getting reacher by the minute meanwhile the other side is getting poorer and poorer by the minute, and so much more. I don't know what is going on but I think God is very mad at us and we need to change asap because the direction we heading in is not the right one. We need to come together at some point and work our differences, we need to create a just distribution of wealth between the people, stop these hateful crimes and so much more. I know this look like a dreamy world, but who said we cannot start somewhere?

Again, I am millennial, black woman and confused! How are you feeling?


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