Skincare Essentials For The Summer 2020

Updated: Mar 15

If y'all know me personally then you know I am fan of skincare products and perfumes! I think I got it from my mama that is for sure. With Summertime here, the weather change and how hot it is getting day by day it is very important to get the right skincare products to help you protect our skin against all those changes.

I am no expert don't get me wrong but I started to try out sone products through the years because I struggled with acne and still is technically. So if you are in the same boat like then you know the struggle of finding the right face skin care products that will match your skin and everything. With all that I stumbled onto Tula products online. By doing more research beach y'all know it is not all skin care products that will work on dark skin women like me so you gotta be careful and do your research.

I got the Probiotics & Superfoods Milk Cleanser

Moisturizer Tube.

and Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum Spf 30

I can say so far I saw a change after 3 weeks of using them both.

Besides Tula, I am avid fan of Clinique products from makeup to skin care products. Four of my favorites are the Cleansing Toner n*3

the Facial scrub

the Liquid Eye & Lips Cleanser

and the Moisture Surge Face Thirsty Skin Relief Spray

Another added bonus is my favorite

Vitamin C moisturizer from Bliss

I love to take care of my lips and use the right scrubs, here is my favorites lip scrub,

my Cookie lips scrub from Lavvish Soap Company.

When it comes to perfumes, I just love to have a collection of all perfumes (again just like my mama, seriously!). Recently I got a few new perfumes to add into my collection for the Summer Season.

I like lighted scented perfumes such as DKNY Eau So Blush Be Tempted

Another favorite is I love the mixed scent that can be used for men or women such as the

Black Opium from Yves Saint Laurent

Love to collect designed perfumes bottles such as the

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Collection

And of course the Beyonce Rise perfume

was a beautiful gift I recently got and I love the scent, go Auntie Beyonce!

These are few among my crazy collection and I will share with you gradually, but right now these are the perfumes I will be using for the summer season and they are just perfect for it. What are your favorites perfumes and skin care products? Let me know in the comment. Lots of love, xoxo.