Best Summer Dresses For 2020

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Keeping my style while staying home has been another therapy for me and with all the Fashion trends evolving, it is important to keep up with the styles. As far as staying home, I get to mix up a bit my styles from comfy sets to dresses. Regarding dresses, I get to enjoy some favorite styles especially for the Summer season.

My favorites dresses styles varies from the love of off the shoulders dresses with soft middle or long harm sleeves,

my love for ribbed dresses with a long leg cut on the side,

and my favorites of them all always stay a good curvy slip dress. I like a good curvy slip dress for the fact on how it flatters your shape and also how slip dresses give some romantic vibes all the way.

Favorites websites to shop during this 4th of July weekend:

H&M (shop some of my favorites down below!)

Missguided (shop my favorites below)

Asos (shop my favorites below)

Topshop (shop my favorites below)

Loft (shop my favorites down below)

More websites such as: Lulu's, Forever21, Shein, Shopbop

Here is a compiled list of dresses to shop right now during this weekend! So shop away below!