Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Happy Holiday guys!! I hope you are having a fabulous time getting ready for Christmas and New Years Eve. I know it can be very hectic at this time when trying to find out what gifts to buy for the whole family or even just for one specific person and especially when you are under a tight budget (trust me I know the struggle), it can be twice as hard. I know for my part, I always have trouble finding out the right gift for my family and as a person who is always on a budget, I need to make sure I can find the right gifts at the right prices. However, it can be very hard to find these rights gifts which will be also cheap to buy at the same so you gotta make so many research either online or in store to find out what you can buy and it is can be so frustrating! Whew.. I get it.

Also are you the kind of the person who always make that last minute holiday shopping or are you always on time like right around the beginning of December? Honestly, me I cannot lie I am always late on holiday shopping so I am the kind of the girl who will always be doing the last minute holiday shopping and sometimes by doing that without doing any proper research I always end up over buying or buying expensive gifts that are over my budget but I am stuck to buy them because I have to. Since it has always been hassle for me and knowing that I always been late to find the right gifts, I decided this year to take things up a notch by creating a list of possible gifts at the start of December that try to curate over the weeks before Christmas until I get the time to go buy the gifts. Obviously, the list of gifts will be on a budget. So I decided to share with you guys so great gifts you can offer to your family and friends either under $100 or not more than that.

My holiday gifts list is usually made based on some amazon research, so here are some ideas for you guys to check it out:

  • Here is an amazing portable speaker from Bose brand at only $69. This is the perfect tech gift to offer to him or her so him or her can always dance on some good music at an amazing volume.

  • How about a cute stainless steel travel coffee mug to offer to a family relative? This is a good and durable gift at such a great price and you get the same mug in so many colors so you have the choice to get the best colors that will suit the receiver of this gift and it only cost $13.18.

  • Now let's get down to serious business? Can you imagine offering a family relative or friend great tv stand? That would be so great. In fact, any of them can add into their bedroom, or even use it at a decorating table or even create a small table bar where they can put on their liquor bottles, and it is only $41.29 , how cool. is that?

  • How about adding Alexa into you Christmas gift list? This is an mazing to add into the list and we all know that Alexa is always helpful into the household so I am sure a gift to her or him will make him or her very happy to have such a good tech device addition into their homes and it is only $24.99.

  • If you have a makeup addict in the family then I got the right gift for your relative. Here is a great and cute makeup brush set under $20, durable and lasting good material.

  • Another gift for Mom or Auntie can be this good bath set of luxurious skincare products to add into their set of bathroom decorations. It is only $17.99.

  • A gift idea for him will be this amazing set of skincare product where he can use it anytime to wash, exfoliate, shave and soothe. This the perfect gift for him at such an affordable price for only $47.65.

If you have coffee lovers into you family, this is a perfect gift for either him or her. A Keurig coffee maker for only $79.

In home decor, here is some decorative contemporary candle holder set to add into your friends or family's living room and it is only $37.83.

Another home decor gift is this beautiful Melange Home Decor Copper collection set of 3 plates at the price of $67.04. They also come in may colors.

This is a small list idea where you can take a look of each links i posted and i hope you will like everything posted. I will try to squeeze in another list by the end of this week for the late late shoppers.. Haha i know still have almost a week to get all gifts in order!! Let me know guys what you think in the comment and what kind of gifts you would like me to add more into the list.. Until now, happy shopping guys, xoxo.


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