Summer Jewelry You Need For This Season

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

If you do not know this about me, I am a sucker for beautiful and gorgeous jewelries from earrings to necklaces to rings and so on. I always like to make sure to get the right jewelries, the right materials and of course the right website to buy them.

I am more inclined for gold jewelries than silver but I do love a good pair of silver jewelries. When it comes to earrings, I recently found my love for designs looking a bit extra I will say but still chic to wear. For necklaces, I love the minimalist look, small medal on the necklace (either a key or heart or something else). For rings I like to also have a minimalist ring design something that is simple but still can be appreciated by anybody who will see it.

My favorites websites to shop jewelries at affordable prices and providing good material for the jewelries include: Merjuri, Lulus, Forever21 Jewelries, Gorjana, Maison Miru, Missoma, Katie Mullally, Maria Black, Laura Lombardi, Tohum.

I love how a good pair of jewelry can make your outfit look complete from head to toe and how feminine it makes you feel.

In the meantime check out my YouTube video sharing my a few of my favorites earrings I got recently and trust me you will love it. Check it out! Lots of love, xoxo.