My Time At NYFW & Stayed At Life Luxe Hotel, NY

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Hellooo guys, welcome back to check out another piece of writing from yours truly! Let's get to work then. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend to NYFW for the first time ever in New York and it was amazing!! The fun I had was just the kind of trip I needed for a very long time. My whole stay was very interesting that is for sure. Actually, while searching into finding the right hotel stay, it was very big hassle to find what I need, at a good price and good location too. You know how hard it can be to find the right hotel when you are on a budget? I know you do.

However, your girl got lucky enough to find the right one. Life Luxe Hotel. This hotel was just the perfect vibe I needed. It is kind of a boutique or in an out hotel but with such a cute, antique and colorful decor. The hotel is only a few minutes away walking distance from Madison Square Garden and the metro station is only a 2 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

The Building has only 9 levels but for the way the building is built, it is very enough. Now let's talk about the rooms. I had a king room for one person and my first impression when I saw the bedroom was, "This is what I am talking about!". The room decor and decorative paintings were based on some modern features, the bed was enormous and so comfy (omg I did not want to wake up), an office table, a large smart television and a small closet. The room was not enormous but very enough for one person or even two. I just loved the vibe the bedroom was giving, cute to stay in and cozy to enjoy it.

The bathroom was well decorated, clean and quite to be honest, their bathrooms make you want to take a shower. I am very serious!

The Hotel's staff was just amazing, very caring and understanding staff who really knows how to make people feel considered and happy. This is definitely one of the key things I always pay attention to when I am getting a hotel, even if the hotel is gorgeous but the staff is horrible, the value of that hotel just decreases for my part. A hotel's success is also based on his staff behavior and responsiveness. Something I can really say for Life Luxe Hotel is that they really put in the work on training their staff.

Now let's talk about money. Hotel can be so expensive or just at the right price when you get lucky right? Well, and it also depends on the seasons too, but Life Luxe Hotel was at very good rate for the 3 nights (also last minute booking) I spent there and let's not talk about the fact that it was also during NYFW season, where everybody is in town and hotel rates go to the roof. One more thing that gives more interest to the hotel is the fact that it can be very affordable for everyone.

On a last note for my small review is the fact that we all know that there is a hassle into finding the right hotel when traveling into an urban city and cities like New York, the struggle can be extremely real and hard, well don't look no more, check out Life Luxe Hotel and their room rates. You will not regret it. Lots of Love, xoxo.

P.S.: Get ready for my next piece where I will be talking about my experience at NYFW as a newbie! Stay Tuned!

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