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When I say Netflix and Chill.. the eyes start rolling in a kinky way right? Lol it is not always what you think about guys, it can really be a nice idea to have a Netflix and chill session. So let's come back to the real sense of it for a minute. What is your Netflix and chill plans when you are at home? Either when you are with your friends or by yourself? Pour some wine? Vodka? Popcorn? The party can begin! I guess that would be a great start for it. However, what is the theme of this little session you have? What movie will you be watching? Horror, comedy, romance? I know Netflix has so many genres that it is sometimes difficult to find the right movie to watch, so let's dive in on my personal take on it and what I will be sharing with you guys what is my perfect Netflix and chill session and a list of movies and tv series which are a MUST to watch on Netflix. So let's see!

My Netflix and chill will be first to set the date and time of my session. What I mean by that I always make sure it will be on either during the weekends or when I know I am off from work. I am already a fan of watching movies and tv series, it is one of my favorites things to do, I can definitely spend my day just watching tv when I have nothing else to do and I really enjoy it. Let's come back to our topic though, Netflix and chill right?! Yes. So when I know the best time I will be doing this session, now it will depend If I will be doing it with friends or by myself but most of the time I like to do it by myself (I know I am a loner). Then I need to find out what kind of movie genre I am in the mood for, I am more of the comedy, romance and animated movies too (yes I am a big fan of them), so all of these genres will definitely be the first ones on my search list. FYI, I am not a big fan of Horror movies at all! I do not like it, they are scary and I cannot watch them by myself, like nope. If I do watch it I am going to need lots of people to be with me and even that I won't be able to sleep for week in the dark. I might look like a scared person, and yes I am, not even hiding it. But knowing myself, I will always end up picking out for a comedy movie such as either The Week Of, Death at the Funeral (old movie but so funny, it is must to watch), The Do Over, Always Be My Maybe (this is recent, very funny and loved the diversity inclusion where most of the main actors were asians, it was so great to see a different type of cast in a funny comedy movie), The Hangover (I like to rewatch it every single time, never gets old), Step Sisters, Bachelorette and so many more. I can definitely go on and on on the list and I definitely will later on. When I find the right movie, I go on find out what I am going to be drinking and eating. Well you have to be fed and parched when watching a nice movie right? Most of the time I am already fed before watching any movies because when I do eat while watching a movie I get sleepy and not following it anymore. I do not like it. However, I do like to get my drink on my hand when I am watching a movie. Usually, I get a red wine bottle of Menages a Trois, my big wine glass and just sit in front of the television. Although, It does not end like this, when I get comfortable into my couch I make sure to get a good and fluffy blanket around me because you know my comfort needs to be total when the Netflix and chill is in session. I usually make sure to put all my devices off or on silence so I can be very focused on it. From that on, I can now start enjoy my Netflix and chill session with my glass of wine and the great comfort of my couch. Also, let's mention it is all done during nighttime of course. As you can see, this is my definition of Netflix and Chill.

I want to think that we have a the same type of process when doing a Netflix and chill but also we might have different process. I wanted to share a little bit about my process on how I do mine and if maybe it might be helpful for anyone of my readers when trying to create a Netflix and Chill session, either by yourself or with your friends. The thing I would like to mention is the fact that if it is as group session, then you have to agree first on the type of movie genre you guys would like to watch and it might be difficult to find an understanding but after long debates, a common ground can be found that's for sure. Following that, the food and drinks need to flowing the whole time of the session so anybody would feel like they are missing something, then also if you have enough blankets for all of your friends this is a PLUS but if not, do not worry it is not a big deal, the goal is to spend some quality time with your friends over a good movie, food and drinks.

On the other hand, if the Netflix and Chill session comes to the real definition where you are with your partner, or crush or boyfriend/girlfriend to be then this is another story. For this one, you are going to have to follow the same process stated earlier but with a slight difference. Well lets go into details then. Well either you are going on a Netflix and Chill with a girl/guy you have to set the mood first. What I mean by that is that you have to make sure you got everything ready for your night such good food, not too much food that will make you guys too full (it can be some cute nice and yummy appetizer to eat on), some good drinks (you can even create some quick cocktails, you know to show your hidden talents), make sure that your place is very clean and neat (we women do observe all of it, trust me). When all of those things are ready and your friend is here you have a to make a decision on what kind of movies to watch, one idea is to always let the invitee choose what she/he wants to watch, and if she/he is hesitating then propose your choices, choices you already made before the invitee came and when both of get to a common ground, then you can start watching your movie or tv series. Enjoy your time with your invitee but do not force on anything, fyi. The end goal is to have a good time with you invitee in more respectable way.

Here is my top list of favorites movies and Tv series too to binge on, based on different genres.

Comedy and Romance: Friends (all time classic), Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Girlfriend's guide to divorce, Grace and Frankie, Hart of Dixie, Jane The Virgin, The Perfect Date, Young and Hungry, Shameless, Insatiable, Someone Great (you need to watch this one), Lucifer, Mary Jane, Weeds, The Kissing Booth.

Thriller: Stranger Things, Black Mirror, What If, How to get away with murder, Supernatural, Originals, Legacies, Bitten, The 100 (all time favorite), Lost Girl, iZombie, Sabrina, Riverdale, Wentworth, Designated Survivors,Queen of South, Ingobernable (Spanish tv series but very good), The Umbrella Academy, The Magicians, Santa Clarita Diet.

Super Hero: Flash, Black Lightning, Arrow,

Crime Tv and dramas series: Good Girls (very good tv series), Gotham, Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Shooter, Criminal Minds, Blacklist, Nikita, NCIS, Dynasty, Madame Secretary, Greenleaf, Cable Girls, Bloodline, Bird Box

Royal and ancient like tv series: Merlin, Reign, Outlander, The Borgias, The Medicis, The Crown,

Animated Movies: Hotel Transylvania, Despicable Me, Spiderman into the Spider verse, The Incredibles, Coco, Boss Baby.

These are my top favorites list of shows to watch, please drop a comment and do not hesitate to share your favorite shows to watch on Netflix, xoxo.

Thank you .


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