New Year, Grateful, Keeping Up On Your Goals & Staying Focused!

Happy New Year Guys, I hope you had an amazing time during the holidays with family and friends. Personally I had an amazing time but whew.. I am very happy that it is over! Now that it is over, and we entered into a new year healthy and grateful, new goals and plans are set into motion in order to experience an amazing year. Are you ready to slay this new year? Because I am! But don't get me wrong this is not a "new year, new me" type of thing.. nah! It is more like of a New Year, evolution in personal and professional life and more grind. This new year is an amazing time to take a step back and think about you want to accomplish this year and how can you make this happen? What ever plan you have set for this year, (save more money, lose weight, eating more healthy, less procrastination, go out more, promotion, so on and so forth), we have to set a steps for the goal and make sure to follow them. The other question is how do you make these specific steps to keep your goal in check ? Well, here are 4 (four) small tips I am so happy to share with you on how you can keep your resolutions for this New Year.

  1. Start Small. When you decide to reach your goals based on either stopping a bad habit or creating a new habit, what we tend to encounter as a difficulty is the fact that we usually go straight into action by going cold turkey or jump into the new habit without proper research and evaluate our own state of willingness to get into this habit. For this plan, you gotta start small, small by creating a small routine in order to train your brain step by step to get used to the habit you are looking to include into your lifestyle. Then from that point, the habit gets to be included into your life.

  2. Make a list. Goals can be planned and followed accordingly. Start by making a list of goals you are planning on reaching, try to write from small to big plans. You can also add a time period for each goals to be achieved if you feel like it will help you more on staying focused. Then start to follow each plan step by step.

  3. Do it on your own time and be kind to yourself. Trying to get into a new habit can be very hard to follow all the way sometimes and we end up relapsing into our old habits and we can be very harsh on ourselves because of it. We are human and meant to make mistakes along the way and it is what give us life experience. When you relapse into old habits, don't be hard on yourself, admit your own fault, understand why it is so easy for you to get back into old habits and try to go back to your new routine slowly from the start

  4. Stay consistent and focused. The key to reach your resolution is to stay consistent, like the popular say, "consistency is key". In order to keep that consistency, you gotta stay focused on your goals. Make sure to think about the personal gratification of you achieving your plans, it will help you staying focused each steps of the way.

Getting new resolutions each year or even each day is not an easy task. We decide on these resolutions based on many reasons and for the common fact that we all want to be better at something or for own selves. To get to these points, it is only imperative to create a set of steps and make sure to follow them based on how we see fit to include them into our lifestyle.

I hope these 4 tips will help you guys incorporate them into your goals or how to create your own set of plans. In the meantime, I wish you again a Happy New Year, may all of your goals be achieved this year and you thrived in everything you desire healthy and grateful. Lots of love, xoxo.


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