Slip Dresses... Fitting You Like A Glove!

Are you into Slip dresses? Do you like how curvy and fitting they are? Because I do. I used to see celebrities slip dresses on social media, appreciated them on how they looked on them. However I was never really attracted to them until one time I was shopping online and saw a beautiful green slip dress on and I was like, "Hum.. let's add it to my cart and see", so I did. Then I received it, tried it and it fitted like a GLOVE!! I was in love on how the material was and how my body was looking into the dress. From that point on, I needed to get myself some other slip dresses but different models of course.

I got this beautiful dress from at $7.00. Can you imagine? Such a great price for such a cute price.

Moving on, I bought myself a second slip dress from my favorite brand, . I fell IN LOVE with this particular pink slip dress, the dress was to die for and it was just everything too. The material was good, the dress sculpted in a curvy way so when you wear it it fits all your curves and shows out your body in such a beautiful and elegant way.

This dress was purchased at $24.99. This was such a good price for Forever21 and the fact that the dress fits you like a glove. Personally, this was my first time wearing such a flashy color, but this dress and the color just fit altogether. Flashy colors sometime do the work and they pop out so much that trust me you can never walk pass unnoticed in the streets. More so, slip dresses are very classy and chic. You can style the dress many ways and you can wear them in different places and event. The fact that slip dresses are very chic and classy, you can wear them for a dinner date, work office (only the pink dress not the green one though), going on a night out with your friends, Sunday funday for brunch, day out out in the city and so forth. And do you know what's more chic to it? If it gets cold, you can style it by adding either a cute black leather jacket or jean jacket. I know right? Just simple as that. I am definitely filling out my closet with more slip dresses with different colors, styles and so on. They are just so perfect. I might look like I am late to the party on the love of slip dresses, but oh well better late than ever right? Leave comment if you liked my post and do not forget to like it too. Links on both dresses will be posted under. xoxo.