Small Ways To Occupy Yourself While In Quarantine!

Updated: Mar 15

Hey guys, welcome back for another post of yours truly! How are you feeling right now? Annoyed? Scared? Confused? or all of the above?. This pandemic of the Corona virus has been giving us a scare for the past few weeks where the fear of the unknown is getting over. With the help of the and other health organizations, measures have been put in place to help prevent the virus to spread. Then I am sure that most of you guys have been sent back home and now works remotely for a period of time right? Yep I am in the same situation too.

Though, It is kind of nice to be able to stay home and work remotely which will help you work at your pace and comfortably. Besides the fact that there is the scare of the virus spreading around and it has been advised to stay home as much as you can, it can get very boring to stay home all day for more than a few days, am I right? So what can we do during this time we have to kill? Here are a few things you can do while staying at home that can help you pass the time when not working:

  • Create Recipes. For all the time you wanted to try some new recipes you saw on television or social media but never had the time to do? Well now is the time. Wether you are a cook lover or not, taking the time to focus on something else than boredom is great. Add some fun while you are at it by putting your favorite playlist on blast in your house or headphones! (comment your favorite playlist below!).

  • Stay Active. Working out at the gym is just amazing but I guess to prevent yourself or other from spreading the virus, why not workout at home? I know right! You can definitely set up a space in your place adjust do a few moves. It will help you first move your body more than usual and help you focus on achieving your workout. As an added bonus by being home you will be twice as efficient to workout more because you have more time to dedicate yourself to get your body right! No more excuses.

  • Clean Up Your Bedroom! Yep I said it, it is time to clean your bedroom. All the time you told yourself you were going to clean your bedroom (meanwhile clothes were piling up) but can't find the time or just the will to do it, well now is the time! I mean come on, you will be home all day long and if not working, you have enough time to clean your bedroom. Put on some music or just a movie to distract yourself and get that room cleaned up. Let's not forget it can be a time of deep purging of your closet, so why not getting into it when you have the time?

  • Catchup On Movies And Television Series. It's time to catchup on all the movies you wanted to watch and I know there are so many, so why not getting it to it? Either catching up or just browsing through Netflix or Hulu, etc... you still have a wide of options to choose from and boy it will never be enough, so enjoy your movie marathon!!! Check out my post for a list movies & series to watch (Netflix & chill

  • Get Into Some Readings. Yes, either you are a big fan of reading or no, I feel like it is the time to enjoy yourself in this field. If you don't know where to start you can easily google multiple books ideas to read and they are so many fun books and educative books to read too. Another thing is that you it doesn't have to be a paperback book, it can be an audiobook for the people who just feel like listening to the story of the book or an ebook where you can read on any smartphones or laptop.

  • Read My Blog and Enter Into The Forum Conversation. If you feel like reading some blogs around with diversified contents, check out my latest and old posts you might have not read if you are new on the block. Fun content readings to check out ( . If not feeling like reading so how about entering into a conversation with strong minded women just like you? Join the "IT GALS!" forum and engage into the interesting topics you will find and enjoy where you get to share your opinions with other people and create a community. Click the link and engage! (

  • Work On Your Goals. It is the time to work on your personal and professional goals. Set a plan on things you want to do from most important to less important, take the time to do some research where you can learn on how to stay consistent on your goals, make a list and write it throughly. By having the time on your hands, focusing on setting up your goals in a more thorough way.

  • Stay Up To Date With Your Friends And Family Through Phones. It is definitely not the time to close yourself to others and not stay up to date. Now with technology, you do not need direct physical contact with your friends to see them, you can FaceTime, text and call them. It might be a good time to catch up with the people you have not had the time to talk to because of the fast life, so why not reach out now? Enjoy some fun conversation with your friends and family!

  • Catch Up On Some Personal Work. If you have a side business (such as me who has a 9am to 5pm job and a side business, lifestyle blog), this is the moment to catch up to it. Get back on your work, correct everything it needs to be correcting, perfect your business, do more research and get to grow your business.

  • Stock Up On Food And Toiletries. In these hard times of this pandemic, things are getting slowly crazy and market stores are being emptied every hour of the day. If you have not been able to be out there, do not forget that you can also order groceries online such as Amazon ( , Safeway ( and so many more. (More links will be shared below). If you are outside the US, check your local market stores online.

  • Practice Self-Care. Since the unknown has been hovering over us with the pandemic of the Corona virus it is very important to take care of yourself while staying at home. Wash your hands with soap every time, sanitize every few times, clean everything you use more often, eat healthy, drink lots of fluid especially hot drinks such as tea or hot milk, it will help you flush out everything in your system and have a better sleep. Take the time to take care of yourself by resting as much as you can, practice some mindful moves (yoga, meditation).

Here are a few things I thought I could share with you guys in those confusing time to help distract yourself and be efficient while staying at home. Enjoy some of the tips I shared and do not forget to make changes on how any of these can fit your vibe. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

On the next topic, like I mentioned previously on my latest blog post (5 ways to organize your office space I will be sharing a few small ways to keep your body in line for the coming up summer! Stay tuned. Lots of love, xoxo.

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