6 Fun Ways To Enjoy Your V-Day Solo!

Welp, here we go again with another year of celebrating Valentine's Day and all the craziness that comes with it. For certain people (especially for women) it can feel like a pressure to be boo'd up when it comes to Valentine's Day in order to show off whatever gifts or treats they might experience that day. However, us single women should not feel this pressure but society sometimes can make you feel some type of way so I do get it.

Actually, this post is dedicated to all my beautiful single women out there who are not feeling pressured to be in a relationship in order to satisfy this man's society's ego and to all of the other beautiful single women who feel the pressure, this post is here to lift you up. We need to understand that Valentine's Day is not only a day to celebrate the person you love and cherish but is also a day to love yourself more (you already love yourself but on this day add more love to the mix). Instead of feeling frustrated, sad or starting to doubt yourself into why you are not into a relationship just like the others, well, take this day to do things that will make you happy. You can use this day as another self care moment or a day to celebrate yourself to the fullest.

Now if you're wondering what you should do to enjoy yourself on this day, here are a few tips to get you ready to have fun on your V-Day Solo:

  • Send yourself flowers. Get yourself your favorites flowers to illuminate your space and put a smile on your face.

  • Light some scented candles. Light some candles into your space to set the mood in, to create a positive and fun vibe for the day into the air.

  • Create a love vision board to manifest your future relationship. Manifest your future relationship with some good intentions.

  • Watch your favorite with some good wine. Get ready for some good Netflix and chill session and get to watch whatever shows that make you happy.

  • Put on some cute lingerie. Why not wear your favorite lingerie on your solo V-Day? wear it, feel sexy and good in your skin with your lingerie.

  • Have an indoor picnic. Create a beautiful picnic set in home, with some cheeseboard, champagne, fruits and more (check out my Pinterest board for some inspo)

  • Send a loving message to your loved ones on this day. This day is also about celebrating the people you love such as your family and friends (you see, it doesn't have to stop at bae only).

  • Don't forget that you are worthy of love. Yes you are worthy of love, remember that.



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