Top 8 Food To Help You Boost Your Immune System!

Updated: Mar 15

Stay in control of your health by choosing the right food to help you boost your immune system and staying fit. Supporting our immune system is something that we all take seriously and during these times of being quarantined because of the Covid-19 it can be very hard to stay on track on what you are eating. So what are the choices are you making to keep your immune system in check? I am no certified expert on nutrition but I try to make my best to eat healthy as much as I can and got to learn a few things along the way. For this then, here are the top 8 food you would like to add into your groceries list while running to the store:

  • Broccolis. They are known to be charged with vitamins A, C and E with other antioxidants and fiber. You can either slowly cook the broccolis or leave them uncooked.

  • Ginger. We all know how ginger is good for our system, especially very efficient when having occasional sore throats. It can help reduce inflammations and also reduces stress, check out this relaxing Mango Ginger tea from Yogi Tea (

  • Mushrooms. If you are a lover of mushrooms then you are in luck. Mushrooms are charged in vitamins B and powerful antioxidants such as selenium which helps you boost your immune system. Also, we know how much mushrooms bring that tasty flavor to all recipes we cook and how delicious they can be. Here are a few healthy recipes with mushrooms you can try at home, check it out (

  • Garlic. Yes garlic is a very important nutrient for your body needs. Garlic helps lower cholesterol levels in your system because of the antioxidants properties of allicin. Also as an added bonus it is good for reducing blood sugars level in your system.

  • Sweet Potatoes. If you are planning on getting into a diet, well, do not forget to add sweet potatoes into the mix. If you have not known about this, sweet potatoes are full of nutrients and high content of water which can help you lose weight. Here are few healthy recipes to check out (

  • Elderberries. Guys, I just learned about the benefits of elderberry for the past few weeks and I didn't know how much they're good for your immune system. Elderberries contained a full load of antioxidants and vitamins which provide a boost to your system. Using the liquid syrup from Elderberries are helpful to fight against the flu or cold symptoms.

  • Spinach. We all know that spinach is not always the most favorite food but at the same time it is common knowledge that spinach is a healthy ingredient. So here are a few healthy benefits of adding spinach into you daily cooking: contains a full load of anti-oxidants and vitamins A. They are great to help your system fight possible infections attacking your system. Here are few recipes you can do by adding some spinach into the mix, (

  • Avocados. Who doesn't love avocados? I mean if you don't I am already sorry for you but you got to know that avocados are very healthy and are rich in vitamin C, E, K and B-6, potassium, folate and so many more. Avocados are also know to be high in calories so you have to make sure to eat the right amount of avocados per day based on your calorie goals. A few recipes to check out using avocados, check it out (

Keep your immune system in balance especially in these trying times. Make sure to stay healthy while staying home, keep your system in check by practicing healthy habits food wise, make sure to keep track of every food intake and the most of all stay active! (Yoga, meditation, virtual workout)

On a last note, don't forget to enter into the "IT GALS!" Community and engage conversation with beautiful tribe of Queens. As an added bonus, get into an engaging forum based on sharing news and safety practice about the Corona virus and how we can help each other to stay strong as a community. Check it out (


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