Under $100 Minimalist Decor Items To Decorate Your Space

Updated: Mar 29

Decorating your favorite space doesn't mean you have to make big changes on it. A few things such as a new cute vase or fresh flowers to a new coffee table might give you the Springs feels.

Decor with Ease

“Do you have a design or a vibe in mind for your space? Think only about what your mood tells you and follow it. It's all about finding the right items.”

Keeping a minimalist decor affect your overall mood in a good way. Read this post on Improving Your Mood With Decor with ElleDecor.

Finding The Right Items

When it comes to finding the right items for your space and keeping the minimalist vibes, you need to look for the ones who will fit your space. I like to think about some chic & fancy but yet minimalist object for the decor.

Let's Get To Shopping!

Be original, show off your style.”

Add Some Scent To The Room

Easily add your favorite scent to your space.

Apotheke Reed Diffuser

Price: $48

The Corner Chair You Need

Adding a corner chair to your space is always a good idea. You always need a space where you seat and chill.

Daulton 20" W Velvet Side Chair

Price: $102.99

Get Some Fresh Flowers

Freshen up your space with some fabulous fresh flowers. Beautiful flowers affect your overall mood in a good way so why not give life to your place?

Hydrangea Floral Arrangement In Glass Vase.

Price: $49.99

Shop here!

Add A Modern Touch With These Vases

Modern vases are always a good idea to add this chic lifestyle decor to your total mood.

Shop similar below or each individually starting at $17.

How About A Splash Of Modern Wall Art?

Who says being minimalist means no fun? You can easily find yourself a modern and chic wall art to add into your space and bring some colors to it.

Kate and Laurel Mid Century Modern Colorful Art Set.

Price: $74.42

Shop here!

Spice It Up A Little!

An ottoman pick for your decor will definitely change the usual mood of a space decor. Changing the directive never hurts!

Elroy Sherpa Round Ottoman with

Wood Legs Cream.

Price: $90

Shop below!

Decorative Books Are Always A Good Idea!

They definitely add a little sass to your space and will definitely give you the bougie and fancy vibes you need.

Chanel Decorative Books

Price: $33.90

Shop here!

The Pillows You Need

Adding a modern chic pillow to your space wether it is on your chair or couch, it is always a good idea and it gives this fund mood to your space.

Terracotta Mid Century Modern Abstract Throw Pillow

Price: $23.99

Shop here!

Add Candles To The Mix

If you are obsessed with candles jus like yours truly then adding candles to the mix is a must. Add some fancy candles to your decor.

Rose Small Candle.

Price: $38

Large size ($68)

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