Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I have got to tell you guys, it is no fun and game when you are looking for this perfect jean dress that will show all your curves... hum I know right? I am always having trouble finding the perfect dress. Personally, I love jean dresses and I love the way it feels on your skin. I went through many websites looking for it when I stumbled onto www.revolve.com. I love Revolve! They really have cute outfits, dresses, sets, jeans and so on. however, we know the website is a little bit expensive so if you are on a budget like me, you know where you can easily find your perfect items in the revolve website? SALE!!! Haha, I know right? Trust me their sales items are the bomb!! They have so many outfits to choose from and at the right price where trust me, your budget can definitely afford it. It took me a small time going through the number of pages in the sale section, but I was finally able to find the one. The perfect bustier jean dress. with the buttons laying in lines on the dress, the couture is perfect, the dress takes on your silhouette and brings out all of your curves. The dress is from "By The Way" but under Revolve brand. Honestly I fell in love with this dress and what I loved about is the fact that you can wear it for different occasions such as date night, brunch time, dinner time with friends, a fancy event or even going out to the club. Trust me this is the dress for everything and it is so classy. That is what I love about it, the dress is very classy and chic which makes it very appreciable from everybody. Jean dresses are the best especially during summer time. The summer time is perfect for bustier dresses, so this one fits greatly into the summer vibes category. By the way can you imagine I got the dress from only $24? and on www.revolve.com ? Yass, I told you the sale section is the best way to shop their outfits if you are on a budget like me when shopping.

The dress is posted under the name "Lupe Bustier Dress" if you are interested in buying in the dress, the link will be posted under so you can directly click on it and find your jean dress too. I paired the dress with a cute high heels nude pumps from Michael Kors, I loved these pumps by the way, they were the ideal ones to wear under the dress, very comfy and you can feel like your toes are on vacation! Yes, I am serious!! As a last bonus to this outfit I added a very cute cross bag I bought from DKNY at Macy''s. Although, I used the crossbar as a normal bag and was able to style it according to ,y outfit. The outfit mix looked perfect and wore it at a brunch, so yess like I said earlier, the dress is perfect for ANY occasions. I can go on an on about this dress, but I will let you guys give me your opinion about you think about this dress by leaving a review please. Lots of Love to you guys, xoxo.

Link to the dress https://www.revolve.com/by-the-way-lupe-button-bustier-dress-in-dark-blue-wash/dp/BTWR-WD617/?d=F&sectionURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revolve.com%2Fsale%2Fdresses%2Fbr%2F28a4b1%2F%3Fnavsrc%3Dsubsale%26filters%3Dprice%26pageNum%3D6%26price%255B%255D%3DUNDER_100